The Pierce Group


We live by The Golden Rule; treating our clients like we want to be treated: with honor, respect and dignity. We strive to give advice and service that nourishes the uniqueness of each client,  serves their families and philanthropic interests for generations.


Mariners of old were masters of the seas; sailing across the worlds oceans with only the sun, the moon and the constellations as their guide. Riding the seas through storms and calm, they found their way by being aware of their environment and having the clarity of common sense.

At The Pierce Group, we serve our clients in much the same way. We bring an uncommon sense of vision and clarity to our client’s wealth strategies.

The Pierce Group understands that good advice must consider you holistically so we think through how your personal, professional, spiritual and financial circumstances all interrelate. We know we must understand you as a complete person before we can give you comprehensive advice and service.

First we listen carefully. When we are sure we understand fully, we act.

Our list of financial and personal services is extensive and rivals some of the largest financial companies. However, The Pierce Group is small enough to understand your uniqueness and provide customized advice and services.

Round the clock, its 100% about serving you.

Regardless of where you are in life and the challenges you may face we bring clarity, efficiency and focus to managing your financial matters; helping you formulate meaningful solutions for your business, your family and yourself.